The meeting was held at 5:30 p.m., on Saturday, March 14, at Bare Burger, 535 LaGuardia Place, New York. Attendees were:

1. Tom McLaughlin, Reform Party
2. Charles Sherrouse, Green Party
3. Harry Kresky, IndependentVoting (also known as CUIP)
4. Richard Winger, Libertarian Party
5. Alice Kelsey, Socialist Party
6. Bill Redpath, Libertarian Party
7. Rob Richie, FairVote
8. Jin Clymer, Constitution Party
9. Elliot Traiman, Socialist Party

The Minutes of the 2014 Meeting were reviewed.

Annual Officer Elections were held. Jim Clymer motioned to re-elect the current slate of Officers. Seconded by Rob Richie. These officers were unanimously re-elected to one-year terms: Chair Tom McLaughlin, Vice-Chair Harry Kresky, Secretary Richard Winger, Treasurer Alice Kelsey.

Bill Redpath made a motion to create the position of Assistant Treasurer. Charles Cherouse seconded. Motion was unanimously accepted.

Richard Winger nominated Elliot Traiman for Assistant Treasurer. Seconded by Bill Redpath. Elliot Traiman unanimously elected Assistant Treasurer.

The Treasurer reported that we have $2,427.77 in the bank. The bank is Flushing Savings Bank. The new address of the Flushing Savings Bank is 225 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10003.

Richard Winger proposed the expenditure of $1000 for a lawsuit challenging the Arizona law requiring twice the number of signatures for an Independent candidate as Arizona requires for a new party. The Plaintiff is John Neeler. The Attorney is David Sphoen. Following some discussion Richard Winger made the motion, seconded by Charles Cherouse. Motion unanimously adopted.

Elliot Traiman inquired as to the status of a COFOE Facebook page as discussed during the 2014 Meeting. Tom McLaughlin will follow up with the COFOE Webmaster.

Motion to adjourn by Bill Redpath and seconded by Charles Cherouse

The meeting ended at 6:39 p.m.

Coalition for Free and Open Elections

   Full and fair access to the electoral process is a right central to democracy